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Machado Reed Perk Program




Our new Perk Program is a way for us to share monthly gifts, exclusive offers, and invitations to fun, private events to show how much we truly appreciate our relationship.
We love our #Fans! Our #Fans have decided we are their favorite realtors, and will send us a referral when the opportunity arises. As a #Fan, you'll receive a monthly email with our "Offer of the Month." If it's something you're interested in receiving, simply e-mail or call us back to reserve your FREE gift! 

When you provide a referral to us or decide to do business with us yourself, you'll shoot up to our second level, #Friends! As a #Friend, you'll get your own gourmet coffee card pre-loaded with $10. You'll also have $10 loaded onto your card at the beginning of every month for 6 months. The person you refer will automatically be a #Friend too, when they hire us!

Your FREE Gourmet Coffee (or tea or pastries or gifts) can extend for years!


What are Referrals?

Referrals are not us selling anyone a home. It's simply you helping us meet with someone who is thinking of buying or selling a home. It doesn't matter if we get that person under contract, or if it ever gets to the closing table!



join our program & become a #fan!

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