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Home to Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Milton has a strong military presence intertwined with a notable Southern warmth. Located within Santa Rosa County near the Gulf of Mexico, Milton honors the town slogan “Where Good Living Flows” by offering a slower pace to those who call it home. Residents certify the presence of the sweet life here, enjoying the quiet backdrop of the many ranches and family farms found within. Named after the historic saw mill industry grounded in the city, picturesque small-town living is the status quo. Local waterways converge throughout the area, offering a collection of outdoor activities for amateurs and enthusiasts alike. Whether raising a family, seeking professional opportunities at one of the many local medical complexes or universities in the area, or looking for a place to retire- Milton is the right place for you. With access to limitless amenities nearby, Milton is an easy place to put down some roots and make some friends.